Why ROG Screening & Selection Services

With employee turnover, internal theft, and substance abuse at all-time highs and negligent hiring lawsuits and other liability issues it has become more important than ever to make every effort to protect your business as well as keeping a safe work environment while maintaining profitability.

Whether you need a criminal background search, drug testing or personality assessment ROG Screening & Selections, LLC offers a wide range of these services including programs custom designed to meet your specific needs.  At ROG Screening and Selection, LLC we continue to expand our various service offerings, technology platforms and expertise in the applicant review field. Our efforts have enabled us to offer our clients a quality ease of use service and support system which is unsurpassed in the industry.

About Us

ROG Screening & Selection is a full service employee screening company.  We are composed of certified Human Resource Professionals and certified screening specialists.  We are not just a website to complete employee screens.

We are professional certified people to help you with all the other stuff that no other screening provider can; something that is hard to find in any business service nowadays .  Our client representatives are able to assist you with drafting your employee screening policy, advising you how to communicate with applicants & employees alike, and much more.  We give you not just all the forms to protect your business, but advise you in how to and how not to use them.

We act as an extension of your business in helping out with your personnel management.  We can process searches for applicants fat your request, maintain annual employee checks, send out adverse action letters, etc… When we say full service we truly can do it all for you with regards to your employee screening needs at affordable cost effective pricing.

Our roots started when we branched off from our sister company a full-service consulting/employment company.  Our team is not just composed of experts in screening but the whole employee management process.  We understand running a small businesses to running a corporate human resource department.


Keep a safe work environment while maintaining profitability!

Our Technology System

Our proprietary system is our secure, password protected, on-line ordering system that provides unmatched functionality and flexibility in ordering background checks, retrieving results and streamlining your entire screening process. Services such as National Criminal Database checks, Motor Vehicle Records, Address History searches, Credit Reports, Sexual Offenders, Incarceration and Terrorist checks can even be ordered and completed on an instant basis.

Our clients receive an automated email notification when results are available and can review them by clicking on the secure link sent by email.   You will be notified by our alert system if the record is clear or has been flagged with results or further investigation is needed.  Your results  are processed and posted to the site upon completion, and maintained by us on our secure servers with redundancy and state of the art back-up procedures.

Our Web-based Technology Platform Allows You To

  • Order a complete background check with simple controls to add, remove, and edit search details, all on one page.
  • Order additional searches for an applicant at any time after the fact with no re-entry of information. Annual reviews of employees are done accomplished easily, and stored by the employee quickly and easily.
  • We can customize your screening workflow to make ordering fast and easy. Our system can be set up to help you the way you want to be helped.
  • Choose from convenient pre-built packages, or have us create your own employee screening packages for one click easy re-ordering.
  • All searched record and products from personality assessments, drug screens, employee reference checks, credit reports, and any other product we provide are attached to you employee that can be accessed by their name of other identifier you provide on one result page.
  • Ability to view your search price in real time as you add and change search requests within the system.
  • Ability to store applicant or employee’s release forms and any other documents to greatly speed up processing, and the ease of use for you in record keeping.
  • All pass through County Court Records Access or all of our screening fees are available for your viewing at all times. Every order you will know what you are being charged, before you order a search. No surprises.

Business Integration

We support standard integrations with Applicant Tracking Systems and other Human Resource Management systems to provide a comprehensive background-screening ecosystem. Call us today!

Customized Solutions for Your Business

We customize our employment screening technology and packages to meet your specific needs. We apply our knowledge and experience to your situation and make recommendations to keep you compliant with industry best practices.  See how we work with Mid-Size and Enterprise Businesses by contacting us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all arrest records included in a background check report?

Certain states have laws that restrict what can be reported on a consumer report (a background search report is a consumer report). For example, many states prohibit reporting arrests that did not result in a conviction, and others do not allow arrests to be reported after a certain number of years.

Can I run a background check on minors?

While it is possible, most information on minors is protected. Juvenile records are not available to public access, although if the applicant was tried as an adult, the records may be available in the courts.

How are background searches verified?

Every court has its own method of organizing data, but there are some standards across systems. For example, the first piece of information recorded when a person is arrested is their name. Further identifiers are then included to verify the identity of the individual (e.g., date of birth). Many assume that files are recorded by social security number. In fact, most judicial systems omit the SSN from public access files to protect against identity theft.

How do I know where to look for a criminal background check record?

An address history search using the applicant’s social security number and information from credit reporting agencies and other sources will develop a complete history of residency. Each address can then be used to complete a countywide criminal search in the appropriate counties. When you order a county search, an address history search is automatically conducted.

How long will it take to complete a background check?

Most background check reports can be completed within 1 to 3 business days.

Is a credit report for employment different from other credit reports?

Yes. An employment credit report does not include a credit score and is not entered into the credit file as an inquiry. (Having multiple inquiries can lead to a reduced credit score.) All other information such as debt, payment history, and bankruptcy information is included in an employment credit report.

What is a county search?

County court searches are the most up-to-date and most accurate for both felony and misdemeanor records. However, county searches cover only a limited geographical area and are not available in all jurisdictions.

What is a federal district court search?

Not all crimes are adjudicated in local court systems; some (including drug trafficking, bank fraud, and kidnapping) are only handled in the federal system. Running a federal district court search in addition to the countywide searches gives your company an extra layer of protection.

What is a nationwide criminal background search?

A nationwide search report covers convictions, felonies, misdemeanors, sex offenses and other criminal record offenses.

There are national databases that contain information compiled by private agencies. Multiple sources – including county records, Administrative office of the courts, Department of Corrections files, and sexual offender lists – may contribute to the database, but not all states or all counties report information to database providers. Currently all but the following states provide significant information. VT, ME, NH, MA, NY and WY.


What is a statewide search?

Statewide searches cover most counties in a state, which can be less expensive than searching each individual county. They can augment county searches by revealing records outside a known county, giving you the option to investigate further. 


What should I do if I forgot my username and/or password?

If you’ve forgotten your username and/or password please dial our Toll Free number at 1-844-223-4473 and one of our support team members can assist you.

Why should I conduct a criminal records search for job applicants?
Why should I do a driving history background check?

First and foremost you should make sure that employees driving company vehicles or their personal vehicle for company business have a valid license. You should regularly check the driving history of anyone driving on behalf of your organization. This will minimize your liability and risk exposure to your company.