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If you prefer, you are always welcome to call us directly. Please call (203) 940-0661 so you can start to protecting your business, with a team that will protect it and save you money and time.

Please see our Onboarding Process below if you have more than 50 employees and/or require special services.

Our Onboarding Process

If you have less than 50 employees and will be the only administer (person conducting searches) please download our application and email, fax or mail us once it is completed.  Once we process your application within 24 hours of receipt you can be screening your employees.  Please indicate if you belong to one of our partner discount program when submitting your application so we can set-up your pricing accordingly.  Once your account has been activated, our service team will call to go over your account, answer any questions, demo the features and set-up any customized screening packages that you may need or require for your business.

All mid-size to large businesses with 50 or more employees please contact us to set-up your account.   Same application & agreement for all, but other procedures are needed in how you process your reports than the normal smaller employer for installation.  We have found it more efficient to install your account with your initial input will optimize your time.  Please save time for activation of your account by filling out the application ahead of time. After we go through our install and feature questions with you we can normally activate your account within 24 hours of receipt of your completed application and agreement.

Again, thank you for entrusting us to help you protect your business.